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Bethany Church Canada




​               Rhoda傳道,賀軍傳道










About Bethany Church Canada


Bethany was Lord Jesus' favourite place. His good friends Martha, Mary, and Lazarus' family are there, and they warmly received Jesus and His disciples.


When Jesus was 30 years old, he began to do his ministry. Two of John the Baptist's disciples wanted to follow Jesus, so they asked him, "Rabbi, where do you live?" Jesus replied, "Come and See!" (John 1:39 KJV) They went and lived with him. Jesus then called 12 disciples and travelled to different cities and villages, healing and casting out demons, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and teaching the people about God. They shared life with Jesus, which is supposed to be the way of making disciples.


The Bethany Church is to imitate the way Jesus made disciples. Caring for others in life, building a Christian fellowship full of Jesus' love. We love one another and build up the Body of Jesus as one family.


​Bethany Church cares more about everyone's family life and faith foundation. We have various fellowships and activities suitable for the senior, adults, teenagers, and children. We also help those in need of prayer, come to Bethany Church and the "Come and See" Leadership Institute to receive free discipleship training and get help from the power of Jesus brought by the truth.


On the other hand, Bethany Church and the "Come and See" Leadership Institute conduct discipleship training on the truth of the Bible, the operation of the Holy Spirit, the holy life and the holy work of the church, helping Christians to become faithful and good servants of the Lord Jesus, and to complete the Lord Jesus together commanded Great Commission.



地址:#11371 No.3 Rd  Richmond, BC, Richmond  V7A  1X3

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