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此外,伯大尼教會也關心青年人、青少年和兒童的家庭生活與信仰根基,我們有青年人的「愛之船團契」,也參與大溫哥華地區青少的 Resonate 事工,包括4到10歲兒童的主日聚會,還有專為身患重症兒童和他們家長一起參與的「金絲帶關懷」。



About Bethany Church Canada


Bethany Church Canada was established on December 1, 2021。


Bethany was Lord Jesus' favourite place. His good friends Martha, Mary, and Lazarus' family are there, and they warmly received Jesus and His disciples.


When Jesus was 30 years old, he began to do his ministry. Two of John the Baptist's disciples wanted to follow Jesus, so they asked him, "Rabbi, where do you live?" Jesus replied, "Come and See!" (John 1:39 KJV) They went and lived with him. Jesus then called 12 disciples and travelled to different cities and villages, healing and casting out demons, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and teaching the people about God. They shared life with Jesus, which is supposed to be the way of making disciples.


Bethany Church Canada follows the principles of how Jesus made disciples. It starts with love and care for people about their lives and living, builds home groups with intimate and trusting relationships, and integrates the families into the body of Christ.


On the other hand, Bethany Church Canada established the Come and See  Disciple School to educate Christians in learning the truth of the Bible, the operation of the Holy Spirit, the Christian Life living and the work of the church so that they would live according to the word of God, become the faithful servants of the Lord Jesus, and to step off for the Great Commission.


In addition, Bethany Church Canada also focuses on supporting families' lives by building solid foundations for children, youths and young adults. We have the Maple Wave Fellowship for young adults on line. We also have Resonate Ministries for Greater Vancouver children and youths, and we have a Sunday Service for children and pre-teens. We also come alongside with critically ill children and their parents and support them spiritually and emotionally during their difficult times.


We welcome children and parents with specific prayer needs to come with us. We hope that all those aspiring to become Jesus' disciples will come to Bethany Church Canada and Come and See  Disciple School so that we can become God's mighty armies at the end times and advance the Kingdom of God. 





​地點:11371 No.3 Rd, Richmond, BC, V7A 1X3, Canada​

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